Monday, August 27, 2012

Teaching Children Deep Breathing

The following exercise can be printed out and used to help children learn how to use deep breathing as a coping skill.

Deep Breathing Exercise

Deep breathing can help you to feel better when you are angry or nervous.  You can control your body and your feelings by taking deep breaths when you start to feel upset.  You can do this anywhere, and nobody will even notice! 

Just like you have to practice to get good at anything else, you also have to practice deep breathing to get good at it.  Practice deep breathing by following these steps:

1.  Make sure you are sitting up straight with your feet down to
    make deep breathing easier.
2.  Breathe in through your nose very slowly and very deeply.
3.  Breathe out through your mouth, very slowly.
4.  Do this a total of five times.

How did the deep breathing make you feel?

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