Friday, November 2, 2012

Feelings Charades

My coworker and I created this game together.  It's a group activity that requires at least 4 participants.  This activity is helpful in helping children learn to identify and express different emotions.  

How to make:   
Print out a picture of a football field on green paper, cut it out, and paste it onto cardstock.  You may choose to laminate it.  Print out several little footballs, cut them into squares - - or you can use stickers and stick them onto little squares of paper- and write a different emotion on the back of each one (happy, sad, frustrated, bored, tired, excited, scared, etc.).  The difficulty of the emotions you use will depend upon the age of your client, of course. 

How to play:
  • Divide into two even teams and assign one end zone on the football field to each team.
  • Spread the footballs out all over the field.
  • One member of the team chooses a football, flips it over, and acts out the emotion on the back.  The members of his/her team have to guess the emotion within 30 seconds.  If they guess correctly, they get a "touchdown" and place the football in their goal.  If they guess incorrectly, they place the football back down on the field.
  • The next team chooses a football and does the same thing.  This continues back and forth until every football has been chosen.
  • The team with the most footballs in their goal at the end wins.

Ideas for modifications:
  • The football field can be substituted with a soccer field or basketball court, depending upon the interest of your clients.

For Girls:  A "My Little Pony" theme.  You can print and cut out a rainbow and two clouds and paste the rainbow on cardstock with one cloud on each end of the rainbow.  Print pictures of ponies and cut into squares (or use pony stickers on small squares of cardstock)and spread out over the rainbow.  Each team is assigned a cloud, and when an emotion is correctly guessed, the pony with that emotion goes onto the team's cloud.

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