Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dream Catcher

Cut out a circle and glue it onto a sturdy piece of paper, like cardstock.  Have the child write negative feelings, experiences, and so forth inside the circle.  

On the outside of the circle, have the child write positive feelings, experiences, and so forth.

Then have the child "catch" all of the negative things inside the circle with twine, yarn, or another string-like material.

Lastly, have the child decorate their dream catcher!

I have had a lot of fun with this one with all ages.  You can change it up by using different or additional materials and allow the child to be even more creative with it.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Paper Garden

I love this project.  I have it hanging on a main wall outside of my office.  I used this for my group home boys but have thought about having my therapy children add to it.

Part 1 - Thankfulness (we did this part around Thanksgiving)

Quotes - Put thankfulness quotes on the tree and have the child read some of them with you and tell you what the quotes mean to him/her.

Leaves - Have the child write one thing (s)he is thankful for on each leaf.  

Part 2 - Goals (we did this part at the new year)

Seeds - Have the child write one goal for the new year on each seed and then "plant" the seed.

Rain drops - Have the child write something (s)he needs to do to accomplish his/her goals on each raindrop (the cloud is for decoration - because we can't have raindrops without a cloud!)

Sun - Have the child write people or things that offer him/her support (i.e., family, friends, school, church, etc)

Flowers - When the child accomplishes a goal, "grow" a flower out of the seed with the pertaining goal.