Friday, February 5, 2016

Paper Garden

I love this project.  I have it hanging on a main wall outside of my office.  I used this for my group home boys but have thought about having my therapy children add to it.

Part 1 - Thankfulness (we did this part around Thanksgiving)

Quotes - Put thankfulness quotes on the tree and have the child read some of them with you and tell you what the quotes mean to him/her.

Leaves - Have the child write one thing (s)he is thankful for on each leaf.  

Part 2 - Goals (we did this part at the new year)

Seeds - Have the child write one goal for the new year on each seed and then "plant" the seed.

Rain drops - Have the child write something (s)he needs to do to accomplish his/her goals on each raindrop (the cloud is for decoration - because we can't have raindrops without a cloud!)

Sun - Have the child write people or things that offer him/her support (i.e., family, friends, school, church, etc)

Flowers - When the child accomplishes a goal, "grow" a flower out of the seed with the pertaining goal.

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